What is Simple Forex Tester?

Simple Forex Tester is a unique piece of software designed to give you the best possible way to practice your trading in MetaTrader 4 on historical data. By simply installing the software, you “open up” a new and powerful feature on MetaTrader 4, allowing you “rewind” the markets for any currency pair or any timeframe all the way back to 2005 (and before), and practice your trading / develop and test your systems.

How can I use Simple Forex Tester to improve my trading?

Simple Forex Tester works by giving you the opportunity to “rewind” the Forex markets, replay them tick for tick, and place practice trades for virtually any currency pair. What’s more, it allows all of this to happen directly inside of MetaTrader 4, allowing you to use any of your indicators or templates during the market replay. You’ll be able to practice exactly how you trade normally, and improve your skills many times faster than simply trading a demo account.

Practicing your trading is one of the most overlooked (yet most important!) steps in becoming a professional.  There is no aspect of trading that couldn’t be made better with practice and optimization. Testing your ideas, practicing “pulling the trigger”, learning to manage emotional trading disasters, test theories, etc…everything is made better as it’s tested further, and more data is collected. The faster we can test our ideas and practice our trading, the quicker we’ll become the trader we’re aiming to be.

Most traders open a demo account well before they even consider opening their first live account. Why? Because they need to practice first. But there is a problem…demo accounts are in real time. This means the amount you’re able to work on your trading, test your ideas, etc. is limited to the actual amount of time you can spend behind your computer.

But what if we were able to speed this up? Allow you to test your ideas and practice your trading, tick for tick, up to 100x faster than a demo account? To test in real market conditions on virtually any currency pair back to 2005? And also…be able to use your MetaTrader 4 templates, indicators, and other tools to help you practice?

That’s where Simple Forex Tester comes in.

Simple Forex Tester allows you to replay real and actual market conditions for virtually every tradeable currency pair, tick for tick inside of MetaTrader 4. You have speed controls that allow you to replay the market at different speeds, so you have full control of how fast the market goes. Every trade made within Simple Forex Tester is cataloged in real time, and every aspect of your trading analytics are presented to you as a report when the testing session is over.

It really is a strong way to learn new skills and practice existing ones for traders of ANY level, because you immediately get the power only Simple Forex Tester unlocks – to practice your trading directly inside of MetaTrader 4 100x faster than everybody else.

How does it work?

MetaTrader 4 has had a feature for quite some time built into it’s platform called Strategy Tester. This feature provides a method of running your automated systems on historical data to determine their past performance (which is absolutely
crucial when developing an automated system).

The problem with Strategy Tester is that it only allows running tests in history on AUTOMATED systems. What good does that do for the rest of the traders in the world who aren’t programmers, or are manual traders with manual trading systems?

No good..until now.

Simple Forex Tester is a genius piece of software that “hooks” into this powerful Strategy Tester feature, and allows you to MANUALLY place trades on historical data. For those traders who like to trade manually, or have a system they want to test, this gives them that ability. Run historical and accurate tick for tick tests on virtually ANY currency pair, time frame, etc. just as if it was live.

To see Simple Forex Tester in action, watch this video the programmer made showing how it all works.

What is MetaTrader 4?

MetaTrader 4 (or MT4) is a completely free Forex trading platform used by virtually every retail currency broker there is. It’s an extremely popular platform, offering trading, charting, custom software creation (indicators, etc.), and automated trading.

For in-depth information on MetaTrader 4, you can visit their website here:

Simple Forex Tester runs inside of MetaTrader 4, so this software is required to use it. Not to worry though, the training videos start at the VERY beginning – how to download and install your MetaTrader 4 platform, how to download all of the testing data and set up your platform, and what to do from there. The entire process is quick, and there is never anything additional to buy.

What is Strategy Tester?

Strategy Tester is a feature inside of MetaTrader 4 designed to give traders the ability to run a simulation to test their automatic systems on historical data, tick for tick.

Simple Forex Tester works by “modifying” Strategy Tester to turn it into a manual trading simulation. This opens up Strategy Tester to it’s FULL potential to be way more than just a way to test automated systems. You can replay the market tick for tick at virtually any point in history with a high degree of accuracy, and place manual trades in this simulation just as if you were placing them in the live market. The replays happen within a MetaTrader 4 chart, so all of your indicators and templates can be used, ensuring that your practicing is as close to the real thing as possible

Does the software come with training?


The programmer of the software has personally created a full step by step video collection, walking through every step you’ll need to take in order to begin testing. Even if you don’t have MetaTrader 4 installed (or don’t know what that is), that’s OK. From the very beginning, you’ll be guided through the process of creating what is basically the ultimate Forex testing platform, and how to use it to improve your trading skills quickly.

What about Refunds?

Yes. If you are dissatisfied with the product for any reason, you can request a refund for up to 60 days past the purchase price. Once a refund has been processed, you will no longer be able to use the software (the license will be disabled).


Yes. You will have a contact method for our customer support line in your members area – this will allow you to submit any questions, comments, etc. to us directly, and we will have an answer to you quickly. Support for Simple Forex Tester will always be free, as long as you are an owner.

Is the installation and setup difficult?

Not at all. We’ve designed a set up application that makes installing Simple Forex Tester to your MetaTrader 4 platforms an absolute breeze. There’s nothing to copy, no folders to remember or find. Simply run the installer, which will search your computer for MetaTrader 4 installations, and will give you a list to check which ones to install Simple Forex Tester to.

The installer makes it very easy, but if you have any problems at all, our support team will be there to help you get up and running as fast as possible.

How many MetaTrader 4 platforms can I install and use the software on?

You can install Simple Forex Tester on as many MetaTrader 4 installations as you wish on up to 3 computers

Does Simple Forex Tester place trades for me?

No, Simple Forex Tester does not place trades for you. It utilizes Strategy Tester inside of MetaTrader 4 to allow you to practice your manual trading (and manual systems) on historical data.

Is there anything else to buy?

Absolutely not. You will be ready to download and set up your platform immediately. Both the platform, and highly accurate historical data are free, and give you virtually limitless testing power across virtually all tradable currency pairs.

Even if you’ve never heard of MetaTrader 4 before, you will be up and running quickly with no additional money necessary.